Easy Fried Rice Recipe - A Look at the Varieties of Rice You Should Use

Make this reader-favorite fried rice instead! This is a fast, 15-minute indoor fried rice recipe that's highly adaptable to the tastes of those who can't eat plain rice. It is also creamy, goes well with vegetables, and is easy on the stomach. What's good about it?

This fried rice recipe uses a bit of creative cooking to make chicken come alive, by using its savory juices to give it flavor and gives a slightly sweet and slightly spicy twist. To make this special, panko breadcrumbs can be sprinkled over the chicken pieces before cooking, or you could use whole breadcrumbs. For the sauces, I used a mild tomato-based sauce that I enhanced with a bit of fresh garlic for the taste. A couple of sprigs of fresh chopped parsley were thrown into the mix, as well as some coriander leaves to help mask the strong flavor of the tomato sauce.

If you're serving this chicken fried rice recipe to a family, you could also go the extra mile and serve cold rice. I found that 4 cups of cold rice (which I had frozen) was just the right amount to go with this recipe. To make it more interesting, you could use a recipe that calls for canned white rice instead of the fresh white one. You could also keep the sauce and white rice separate, and just add the chicken fried rice to the cold rice at the end. You can serve the cold rice with the same recipe as the hot one or switch them around.

This recipe was inspired by the fact that I couldn't make egg whites due to allergies. For this reader-friendly version, I cracked an egg and used a mixture of milk and lemon juice to beat it until it was light and white. Then I added a pinch of salt and ground black pepper to the whites and stirred to mix. Finally, I fried them in a hot skillet, adding vegetable oil on the outside and then putting the egg on top and cooking it for about two minutes. Then I put the skillet away and added the lemon juice and milk, along with a few drops of lemon pepper.

This reader-friendly rice pudding recipe uses medium-grain rice because that is what most of us have in our kitchens (unless you are a food critic). And since I didn't have any dry grains to add, I used brown rice. You can add a bit of water or soy milk if the white rice seems too wet and heavy. To make it a little bit chewier, you can add a little bit of sugar or honey. This makes it a delicious, easy fried rice recipe that the whole family will love.

For the final step, I wanted to bring out the individual grains in the rice, such as the jasmine and sesame seeds, which give the dish its unique and exotic flavor. To do this, I stir-fried the rice with about two tablespoons of each. Then I placed the noodles in a bowl and threw in the jasmine and sesame seeds and cooked it for another five minutes. The result was fragrant rice that had a slight bite to it.

Check out this post that has expounded more on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooked_rice.

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